Febuary Market Information 

February is an exciting month to get more adventurous in the kitchen to kick start your seasonal cooking. 
This month features several foods which are in their last month of season and a few that are only just starting out. 
So, lets discover what fruits and vegetables are in season in February. 
Heritage Potatoes 
New Season Celeriac 
Mushroom Chanterelles 
Three-Cornered Garlic 
Forced Yorkshire Rhubarb 
Kent Ready to Eat Mango 

Many Home grown Produce to enjoy 

Three corned garlic, Beetroot, Brussels Sprouts, Carrots, Celeriac, Chicory, Jerusalem Artichokes, Kale, Leeks, Mushrooms, Onions, 
Parsnips, Pears, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Red Cabbage, Salsify, Savoy Cabbage, Spring Greens, Spring Onions, Squash, Swedes and 
White Cabbage. 
Sharon Fruit (Persimmon) 
Tardivo Radicchio 
Italian Cimata Puntarella  
Seville Oranges (Marmalade Oragnes) 
Sandy Carrots 
Italian Blood Oranges 
In February We may still be in the thick of winter but there are plenty of delicious Produce at their seasonal best to see 
you through the cold days. From nourishing vegetarian meals to rich meat dishes as well as sweet treats. 
Italian Fresh Peas 
OX-Heart Tomatoes 
Italian Fresh Broad Beans 
Potatoes Jersey Royal 
Crapaudine Beetroot 
Tokyo Turnip 

Quick Notes: 

This year will see the Brussel sprouts season comes to an end by mid Feb after a good supply since September. 
Seville Oranges short season will come to an end also by the end of Feb. 

Still Around: 

UK Vegetables season still in good supply 
UK Jerusalem chokes in perfect size but the French also available, Beetroot bunches and loos are in their best. 
UK potatoes, main crop varsities great just now, UK leeks still in very good supply, UK cauliflower started but the European is 
Around also for any shortage. Also, UK parsnips, carrots and cabbages are around for good supply. 

End of Season: 

UK Tender-stem Broccoli 
UK Turnips 
UK Curly Kale 
Monk’s Beard, Calcot Onion, Cimi de Rapa, Golden Turnips, Castelfranco, Pink Radicchio, Muscatel Grapes, Puntarella, Parsley Root, OX-heart tomato, Grumolo Mix Salad. 
When your passion is the creation of memorable dishes, you understand the importance of working with the best possible ingredients. 
 Here at Chef’s Choice, we understand that too. That’s why we are ideally placed to supply your fruit, vegetables and other produce. 
Please give us a call on 02045052692 to speak with one of our experts or email us on sales@chefschoicefruits.com 
One of our team will be in touch shortly. 
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