Farm to Fork Fresh Produce 

Farm to Fork Fresh Produce 

Bringing freshness and quality to your kitchen  

We deliver a taste of excellence with seasonal fruit and vegetables. 
When your passion is the creation of memorable dishes, you understand the importance of working with the best possible ingredients. 
Here at Chef’s Choice, we understand that too. That’s why we are ideally placed to supply your fruit, vegetables and other produce. We work with elite chefs at high-profile Michelin-starred restaurants and hotels, people with hard-won reputations for outstanding dishes 
But we are here to help you if you work anywhere in the hospitality sector. 
If you run a kitchen or operate as a caterer, a purchasing manager, or are otherwise involved in the provision of food and beverages, we want to be that extra ingredient that enables you to delight your customers. 

Perfectly placed to deliver the produce you need

Our team at Chef’s Choice has extensive experience in every aspect of the process of selecting and delivering the finest ingredients to your kitchen. 
The founders of Chef’s Choice all worked at various levels in the food industry. Walid was a chef for 12 years in a variety of kitchens, and he and Ahmed have used their knowledge to become successful sales directors. 
Ahmed also spent 15 years in kitchens delivering several cuisines and worked as a head chef, while Nadir has spent more than 20 years in the market and has been a renowned operations manager. 
They all understand how essential it is to select and deliver the right produce at the right time. We are based close to London’s New Covent Garden Market, the home of more than 100 fruit and vegetable wholesalers. 
However, we make our choice from a far wider market place. We believe in supporting local farms and the superb fruit and vegetables they grow. 
We also source produce from trusted, regular suppliers in France, Italy and Spain. The breadth of our network and the depth of our knowledge ensure we can deliver the very best food to restaurants, hotels and other outlets across London and the Home Counties. 

Your partner for all seasons 

Understanding which fruit and vegetables are at their best during all seasons of the year is absolutely key to the supply of quality ingredients. 
We’ll update this website each month to show you which fresh ingredients you should be focusing on - and which we can supply to your kitchen. 
For us, the focus is on freshness and quality. Our produce may not be the cheapest, but the value is apparent in every mouthful. 
Once chefs and their customers try our produce and savour its excellence, they keep coming back for more. 
If you are a chef and you are looking for a trustworthy, reliable supplier of top-quality produce, work with us and you’ll be in excellent company. 

We’ll deliver to you - even in an emergency 

We understand how essential it is to have the right ingredients in your kitchen precisely when you need them. 
At Chef’s Choice, we run two deliveries to clients every day. However, we offer an additional emergency service. 
If you’ve planned a special lunchtime menu and realise you don’t have the produce you need, call us before 11.00am and we’ll supply you in time for lunch. 
We also stock dairy and dry goods and we don’t have a minimum order. 
We try not to say no to any chef. 

Get in touch today to find out more.  

If you are a chef, a caterer or involved in any way in the supply of food and beverages, we’ll be delighted to discuss how Chef’s Choice can help you. Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll start a conversation about how our fresh produce can take your dishes to another level. 
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