MAY Market Information 

May is the month when seasonal food gets really colourful, with peas, carrots and cherries coming into season, along with aubergines and rocket. The first of the new potatoes arrive. 
Italian Borlotti Beans 
UK Gooseberry 
Italian Super Sweet Watermelon 
Early Season Peaches 
OX-Heart Tomato (FR-SP-IT) 

Still lots more of the UK grown Produce to enjoy 

Apricot Start of the northern hemisphere season. 
Bok Choi Lancashire grown. 
Broad Beans Start of UK season at the end of the month. 
Easy Peel Start of the southern hemisphere variety. 
UK Lettuce Supply of Cheshire Lettuces begins, runs May- November. 
Morel Mushrooms UK Morels available now. 
Peas (fresh) First month of the short UK and Italian season. 
Peppers Start of the Dutch season replacing Spanish. 
UK Spinach Available until October, both Baby and Long Leaf. 
Tomatoes Start of the Dutch season replacing Spanish. 
Easy Peelers  
UK Morels 
UK Fresh Peas 
Pineapple Tomato 
UK WYE VALLY Asparagus 
New Season Apricot 
As the seasons come and go around the world, the weather changes and so does the type of produce that grows. 
To put it simply, eating seasonally tastes better, cost effective, more environmental and over all It has more nutrients! 
Fresh Cherries 
Jersey Royal Potatoes 
Fresh Green Almond 
UK Out-Door Rhubarb 
Wild Nettles 

Quick Notes: 

Alert, Peppers will be pricey for the next few weeks as we are switching to the Dutch season replacing Spanish. 
once the Dutch supply become more consistence, the price will drop back to normality. 

Still Around: 

Asparagus, English Sourced from farms in Staffordshire, Cheshire and the Wirral. 
Beetroot Good bunched and loose Beetroot from UK. 
Cauliflower Cornish or Lancashire, getting bigger as the weather gets better. 
Celeriac Good quality UK and Dutch supply. 
Onions Small, medium or large, beautiful flavour set skin. 
Red Cabbage Increasing in price as UK old season finishes and new begins. 
Rhubarb Cheshire supply available, will be moving shortly to the Out-Door. 
Strawberry Beautiful Cheshire & Staffordshire El Santa variety. 
Spring Green Cabbage Beautiful loose leafy heads, dark green all Lancashire grown. 

End of Season: 

Artichoke, Globe Popular product sourced from across the UK. 
Chantenay Carrots Last month for UK, Israeli substitute, UK quality can be suspect. 
Leeks UK supply ends for 2 months, Dutch, French and Belgian alternative. 
Potatoes, main crop Finishing soon, can experience size and price issues. 
Purple Sprouting Broccoli Finished until September. 
Swede UK season ends all supplies coming from storage for 6-8 weeks. 
When your passion is the creation of memorable dishes, you understand the importance of working with the best possible ingredients. 
 Here at Chef’s Choice, we understand that too. That’s why we are ideally placed to supply your fruit, vegetables and other produce. 
Please give us a call on 02045052692 to speak with one of our experts or email us on 
One of our team will be in touch shortly. 
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